For over 20 years, SF Advisory Services, LLC has provided transaction based advisory services to mid-sized businesses in order to meet a broad array of capital related business & ownership objectives.   Specifically, we work with companies seeking to access the credit markets for debt financing needs and/or are considering a larger scope acquisition, restructure, recapitalization, or sale of the business.  We also assist such businesses requiring interim CFO consulting in preparation for seeking capital access or an ownership related transaction.


Our clients are primarily privately owned companies with annual sales ranging from $20 million to $150 million and financing needs or business enterprise values ranging from $10 million to $100 million.

We are typically introduced to prospective clients by their commercial bank relationship having identified the company’s situational requirement and recognizing our capabilities for efficiently achieving the desired transaction outcome.


All companies experience a transitional event during their business life cycle that typically involves one or more of the following transaction situations:

  • Refinancing & Restructuring – credit based transitional or growth driven need for greater financing availability or structural terms that is beyond the current lender’ s willingness or capability; either by total refinancing or partial refinancing & restructuring of current debt
  • Recapitalization – transaction based financing objective involving the re-purchase of certain owner’s interest or the sale of ownership interest to new capital providers participating in the recapitalization
  • Business Acquisition – opportunities to explore expansion through business acquisitions or develop currently identified potential acquisition candidates
  • Sale of Business – business owners desire to respond a third party inquiry to purchase the business, or to explore selling the business outright to either a strategic or financial buyer, or possibly selling to the management team